Stump Removal

You can count on Professional Tree Service to help your yard look flawless and to prevent other problems that can occur as a result of having an old stump in the garden. It can cause insect infestations and spread disease. We are one of the few stump removal experts in Gulfport MS. Our stump removal is cheap but effective. We will help you get rid of annoying tree stumps in a professional manner, without harming your budget. You can count on us no matter what the size of the stump you need us to remove. We handle jobs of any size and we have professional stump grinding equipment to deal with large scale jobs. We can work on residential and public sites. Don’t be afraid to trust us, we have been in the local tree services business for 15 years, so you know you can depend on us.

At Professional Tree Service, our arborists follow the safety rules. All of our workers are well experienced in using special tools and equipment for this specific job. We make sure that our experts are versatile and skilled in the variety of services that we offer by training them regularly and updating them with the latest stump removal techniques. Professional Tree Service is certified and uses top of the line tools so that we can deliver the highest quality tree service results in our community. Of course, no matter how long it will take us to grind the stump or how much equipment we need to use, in order to provide you the desired results, we will do the job according to your expectations. Addressing customer’s needs is why we have so many repeat customers

We are extremely careful and will remove any harmful tree stumps as well as the leftover debris from your yard carefully. We know how to do this in a timely and effective manner. It is our goal to help you get rid of tree stumps that defile your front or back yard. Professional Tree Service will remove your stump the first time we come. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and you will enjoy having some extra space in your outdoors without tree stumps interfering.

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